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Dare to be Happy" is a CD of songs composed and performed by Carole Lynne. Engineering and back-up music tracks by Nat Hefferman.

"Dare to be Happy" promises to lift your spirits and expand your consciousness. It also brings laughter to many, as well as tears of joy. Every song on this CD is different. Songs range in style from folk, new age, blues, and country. The themes of the songs go all the way from a song about how important it is to be grateful for what we have to a song about an angel riding a Harley Davidson.

Song titles include: Be in the Moment, The Spirit Within, Hazel and Marion, Spirit Come Close, My Guardian Angel, Be Strong Gentle Spirit, Dare to be Happy, Soul Mate, Let Me be Grateful, Share Your Happiness, The Brighter Hue, I Would Not Ask You and Don't Call Me Dead

"Dare to be Happy" by Carole Lynne

"Heart and Sound" is a book by Carole Lynne with a CD by Carole Lynne and Nat Hefferman. The book contains chants, affirmations, and prayers, with complete instructions on how to use them for specific purposes, every day or on special occasions. The CD has 15 original chants to help us find the life we were meant to live. Includes complete instructions for use by individuals or groups.

"Heart and Sound" will help you chant your way from loss to hope, focus your thoughts on what's really important to you, and pray for guidance and energy you'll receive if your ask for it.

When we give voice to our thoughts and desires, when we send those desires out into the world using prayers, chants, and affirmations in "Heart and Sound," we create the life we want.

This product is published by Red Wheel/Weiser and may be purchased at this website or through your local bookstore.

"Heart and Soul" by Carole Lynne


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