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Singing for the Soul® Basic Singing Lessons
By Carole Lynne

Set #1: Breathing Lessons - Would you like your voice to flow effortlessly? Would you like to be more relaxed when you sing and avoid that "out of breath" feeling at the end of a phrase? Then learn how to breathe correctly for singing. Correct breathing will not only make your voice sound better, but you will feel better and more in control when you are singing. Breathing correctly is the foundation of good singing.

Set #2: Vocal Tone Lessons - Great training to help find the best possible sound for your voice and improve the quality of your tone. You will learn to sing basic vowel sounds practiced by singers throughout the ages. The lessons take the basic vowel sounds and show you how to re-interpret them for the popular styles such as folk, jazz, blues, rock, new age, country etc. etc.

Set #3: Vocal Style Lessons - What is it that really grabs you when you hear a terrific singer? Most often it is the style of the voice, the way the singer turns the phrase. These lessons guide you to experiment with your voice and find a vocal style that fits you and the kind of music you like to sing. As you know, each singer you really love has sounds that are very individual to that singer. These lessons will help you discover your unique sounds. You will learn how to be influenced by your favorite singers without mimicking them, so you can develop your own style.

Set #4: Singing in Tune Lessons - Did you know that most people who think they are singing totally out of tune are not? In the lessons on singing in tune, you have the opportunity to evaluate how much in or out of tune you are singing, and learn incredible techniques for identifying the kinds of mistakes you are making and how to fix them! These lessons are a must for everyone. Even professionals can learn some new tips about singing in tune! Learn about the places in a song where many singers go out of tune and how to prepare yourself to sing in tune as you approach those places. You will also give your musical ear a workout as you learn to sing scales and major, minor, diminished and augmented chords. Singing musical exercises helps you to be a strong "in tune" singer in the same way that physical exercises makes you into a strong, flexible person.

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